Our commitment to you, our readers …

In recent weeks, much has changed in the world. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been widespread, and the confectionery industry is not untouched. While many manufacturers and suppliers are able to continue operations, others may have slowed or halted production temporarily for the health and safety of their workers and communities. Important events and gatherings, usually vital touchpoints for sharing information on new products, developments and education within our industry, have been cancelled, postponed or moved to virtual settings.

With so many aspects of our lives feeling uncertain, we find it helpful to return to our values: “The Manufacturing Confectioner provides an essential service to the sweet goods industry, promoting exchange of important ideas that help our industry thrive. This includes the gathering and sharing of information, including economic, technological, marketing and production.”

While all office settings look a bit different these days, we are still here for you, our readers, and the industry at large. As we adapt to the ever-changing world around us, we remain committed to bringing you information you’ll find useful and interesting. In addition to the latest publication, our website hosts an archive of past articles, offering 25 years of technical information.

We are giving our best effort toward maintaining accuracy of our online calendar as industry events are cancelled, postponed or moved to virtual platforms. We also encourage you to contact event organizers directly regarding their plans.

As steadfast readers of Manufacturing Confectioner, your input is valuable to us; please continue to share industry information with us or contact us with questions.

We look forward to connecting with you in person again soon, and in the meantime, we wish you, your family and colleagues the best of health.



Michael Allured             Amy Allured

Publisher                        Publisher and Editor in Chief