Remembering Michael Earl Allured (1953 — 2021)

Michael E. Allured

Michael E. Allured (1953-2021)

With heavy hearts, the staff of the MC announces the death of publisher Michael Earl Allured.

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The Manufacturing Confectioner

The Manufacturing Confectioner is the worldwide business, marketing and technology journal of the candy, chocolate, confectionery, cough drop, and sweet baked goods industry.

The MC is published once a month and provides in-depth coverage of news, industry statistics, sales and marketing, ingredients, equipment and services.


The Suppliers Directory

The Suppliers Directory is an annual publication that comes with subscriptions to the Manufacturing Confectioner. The directory is a list of companies sorted by the ingredients, equipment and packaging they supply. We are now proud to offer an online searchable version of the Suppliers Directory.


Candy Buyers' Directory

The Candy Buyers’ Directory

The Candy Buyers’ Directory is a comprehensive reference source of candy, chocolate, confectionery, cough drops, etc. in North America.

This directory is published once a year and lists manufacturers, sellers and importers of these items including brand names and products. Also included is a listing of candy brokers and specialty brokers.


McCutcheon's Directory

McCutcheon’s Publications

The North American and International Editions have been published since 1947 for purchasers and users of surfactant materials. Two editions cover over 10,000 products worldwide by trade name, chemical description, manufacturer, form, concentration, ionic type, CAS Number, HLB and application.