The mission of MC Publishing Company is to be the primary source of industry information for manufacturers, buyers and their suppliers through its publications and through extensive personal contact with people in every aspect of the industry. 



MC Publishing Company values individuals working together so that the company may be of the utmost service to the industries it serves while at the same time providing an opportunity for individuals to be part of a network which has a vital place in the business community. It is within this network that individuals can develop the skills to pursue their life goals. The Manufacturing Confectioner provides an essential service to the sweet goods industry, promoting its growth globally. This includes the gathering and sharing of information, including economic, technological, marketing and production.

MC Publishing Company subscribes to the Editorial Code of Ethics of the American Business Press, a copy of which is available upon request. The highlights are summarized below: 

  • Maintain honesty, integrity, accuracy, thoroughness and fairness in the reporting and editing of articles, headlines and graphics.
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest as well as any appearances of such conflicts.
  • Make a clear distinction between editorial and advertising. Editors have an obligation to readers to make clear what content has been paid for, what is sponsored and what is independent editorial material. All paid content that may be confused with independent editorial material must be labeled as advertising.
  • Maintain appropriate professional distance from the direct preparation of special advertising sections or other advertisements.
  • Show the distinction between news stories and editorials, columns and other opinion pieces.
  • Accept as their primary responsibility the selection of editorial content based on readers’ needs and interests.

The company publishes magazines for the readers. If a magazine’s focus is on the reader and we uphold the trust that readers place in the magazine, it will become the best venue for advertisers. However, if the focus is on the advertiser, the magazine becomes merely an avenue to feed the ego of that advertiser. The primary reader then becomes the advertisers, not the industry. Therefore, it is company policy that advertising does not influence editorial content. Editorial decisions are not based upon who is or is not an advertiser nor will editorial content be revised in order to promote advertisers’ products.