MC Publishing Company publishes three periodicals: the Manufacturing Confectioner, the Candy Buyers’ Directory and the McCutcheon’s Directories. 


The Manufacturing Confectioner (MC) was the first publication and is the flagship publication of the company. It contains information about emerging technology in the manufacturing, packaging and distributing of confectionery products. It reports on global economic conditions and trends influencing the production and supply of ingredients and machinery used in the production of confectionery products. The MC also covers industry news, changes in personnel, sales campaigns, financial reports, conventions and industry meetings.

The Manufacturing Confectioner has been chosen as the official publication of the American Association of Candy Technologists. 

The majority of the subscriptions to the MC are paid subscriptions-free copies are sent out on a limited promotional basis. Subscribers include large candy, chocolate, cookie and gum manufacturers, small candy kitchens, candy brokerage houses, as well as suppliers of ingredients, machinery, packaging and services. 



The Candy Buyers’ Directory, published annually, is a comprehensive reference source for buyers of candy, chocolate, confectionery, chewing gum, cough drops and sweet baked goods in North America. It provides information on manufacturers, sellers and importers of sweet goods including their brand names and product types. 



The McCutcheon’s Directories consists of two volumes: Volume 1: Emulsifiers and Detergents and Volume 2: Functional Materials, each of which has a North American edition and an international Edition. Emulsifiers & Detergents has been published since 1947 and contains information on surface active agents (surfactants) which are used in soaps, detergents and cosmetics as well as in products produced by many other industries. The two editions cover over 12,000 products worldwide.

Functional Materials has been published since 1973 and provides information on products often used in conjunction with surfactants in the formulation of finished goods. It also has a North American and international edition which together cover over 8,000 products worldwide.