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Delivery Method of Services and Products:
We will be accepting your payment via credit card and in return for that fee; in the case of an MC article purchase we will e-mail you the download information for that article; or in the case of a purchase of a physical publication or subscription we will review your order and alert our fulfillment person or company to ship the item(s) that you have ordered from us.

In most cases if what you purchase is a downloadable article you will receive instructions for download on that day. If you have purchased another product from us we will ship that product within 30 days of the date we find that the requirements for payment have been met.

There may be an instance that the e-mail with download information could not be delivered, or you may have unintentionally deleted or misplaced it. We will always try to assist you with any technical issues. If we cannot provide the file download, you may request a refund.

Refund may be obtained by sending a written or email request to:

MC Publishing Company
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Princeton, Wisconsin 54968