The Candy Buyers’ Directory is a comprehensive reference source of candy, chocolate, confectionery, cough drops, chewing gum, cookie, snack and sweet goods in North America. This indispensable source book is published once a year.

The Candy Buyers’ Directory includes:

  • Confectionery and Snack Companies

All major wholesale candy, sweet baked goods and snack manufacturers are listed by company name, address, phone and fax numbers, as well as Web and e-mail addresses. Also included are the products and brands that they manufacture.

  • Confectionery Products

There are three cross-references of confectionery products – by Product, by Package and by Brand Name.

  • Confectionery and Snack Importers

The major candy importers are listed with their street address, phone and fax numbers, Web and e-mail address, as well as brand names imported.

  • Confectionery Brokers

A listing of over 500 candy brokers by their geographical area. Includes a section of United States confectionery brokers, as well as Canadian confectionery brokers.