2020 Functional Materials – North American Edition


The North American edition provide information on products often used in conjunction with surfactants in formulating finished goods. Covering over 4,100 products by trade name, manufacturer, identity, physical characteristics and product application.


Contents:  Absorbents/Adsorbents, Algicides/Antimicrobials, Bactericides/Disinfectants, Anticaking Agents, Antioxidants, Antiperspirants, Antisoils/Soil/Antiredeposition Agents, Antistats, Binders, Carriers, Chelating/Sequestering, Agents, Colorants & Pearlescents, Conditioners—Fabric, Softeners, Conditioners—Hair & Skin, Corrosion Inhibitors, Coupling Agents/Hydrotropes, Defoamers, Detergent Builders, Dispersants, Emollients, Enzymes, Flocculants, Fluorescent Whitening Agents, Formulated Bases (For Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Products), Hair Fixatives, Humectants, Lubricants—Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Food, Lubricants—Household, Industrial & Institutional, Opacifiers, Plasticizers, Preservatives, Release Agents, Scale Inhibitors, Solubilizers, Solvents, Stabilizers, Suspending AGents, Thickeners, UV Absorbers/UV Light, Stabilizers, Water Repellents, Waxes & Polishes.

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